About Me

I'm a thirty-something gamer living in Indianapolis who decided it was time to share his thoughts, opinions, and ramblings about video games with the world. This blog will be dedicated to that pursuit. I might not update it every day, I will definitely write about games that are a little out of date, and I might post about other stuff sometimes, too. It should be interesting.


You should know that I'm a big Nintendo fan, and that definitely includes the Wii U as well as the upcoming "NX" console.


PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS are both major players in my gaming line-up. Expect to hear what's great about gaming on the go. Also, probably not much mobile.

Next Gen

PS4? Check. Xbox One? Check. But those are old news. I've got my pre-order for PS VR locked and loaded, and I can't wait to dive into some virtual worlds!