Dan Thompson (drums) and I (keys) started playing together in a more formal band setting in 2006 but quickly recognized that, as a duo, we were able to create some unique and interesting soundscapes.

Later, Dan shared the name "Verb Tense," which has become a de facto name for our work and inspired Dan's sketch, featured here.

This page features a sampling of the results. All of these recordings are completely improvised with no additional post-processing or multi-track recording.

This track features a sample of a "zither," which is a very old, stringed instrument. You can read more on Wikipedia. It inspired a unique groove with an improvised lead melody that we come back to a few times throughout the recording.

No real banjos were used in the production of this nearly 30-minute epic, but the style of playing typical on banjos inspired portions of what you'll hear. Listen for Dan to alter his drum style to really solidify the effect.

The strange rhythmic interplay between the organ and drums on this track give it the titular "off-kilter" feel. Later, marimba and piano play off detailed cymbal work on the drum set.

Lots of big synths go on a journey from plunky and rhythmic to soaring leads to laid back and atmospheric. Electric pianos add some mechanical roots to the digital/analog world of the electronic sounds leading the charge.