For years now, I’ve been reading gaming blogs and sites. I’ve even tried my hand a few times at writing them. So what’s changed now that I’ve decided to put together an actual blog and make a go of it?

Well, I really just have a lot of opinions on games and gaming culture that aren’t always of interest to those around me. What better repository for them than the Internet? And perhaps they’ll just be sent out to the void like the thoughts of so many others before me. But maybe they’ll spark your interest, and that would be pretty nifty.

By way of introductions, I’ll keep it short and simple. My name is Jeff, I live in Indianapolis, I’m 31, I’m married to Lauren (who’s pretty awesome), and we have one dog (Sydney). By day, I work in digital marketing; by night, I’m playing games, playing music (keyboardist), or watching TV. I was an English major in college, so maybe that gives me a hair of street cred in terms of writing, but you can be the judge of that.

In terms of what to expect from this blog, I went to the trouble of penning a brief overview:

Chronicles of my gaming experiences, including impressions, reviews, and musings on old, new and upcoming games and hardware. Side features about game collecting, balancing gaming with life/work as an adult, and thoughts on the state of gaming as a whole.

I’ll include some stories with local angles, too, about what’s good and bad about being a gamer in the heart of the Midwest. And i might throw in the occasional random post about something else.

Oh, and don’t you like the clever pun in the blog’s name? Thought so.