Trailer #2 for season two of True Detective is here!

In just a little over a month, on June 21, HBO's True Detective will return with its second season, featuring an all-new cast and story. If you watched the first season (or just paid attention to the internet), you'll know that this is a pretty big deal.

Watch the trailer now:

Not much is known about the second season, starring Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch; but we do know it won't have any "occult" stuff (boo). What we do get from the trailers so far is the same gritty, mysterious vibe mixed with tense, mainly nighttime, police action/investigation that embodied the first season (yay). Oh, and what seems to be a continuing trend of unexpected (but seemingly awesome) casting decisions.

I think the most interesting aspect of this new trailer is the theme of "self." Consider these quotes:

"Sometimes your worst self if your best self."
"This isn't me doin' this. This isn't me."

Does Colin Farrell's character have some kind of identity crisis? And how will that play into the missing girl situation revealed in Rachel McAdams' voiceover? Speaking of, are there three detectives this season instead of two?

So many questions!

Oh, and if you haven't season the first trailer, here's that for you:

Note that it also features True Detective's signature use of creepy music.

As if I wasn't going to watch the next season of this show anyway, these trailers are just sealing the deal. Here's hoping the show delivers on the high promise of these teases.